We rose early before the heat of the day to fly the Helicopter deep into the arid lands of North Kenya in search of the Rendille Tribe.

The people of this tribe are Cushitic pastoralists living in harsh conditions with Rendille translating as “Holders of the stick of God”. They are believed to have migrated down from Ethiopia.

Their lives revolve around their livestock and camels form a large part of the herds that they move with across the arid lands. Colourful and proud the women are adorned in beautiful jewelry of beaded necklaces, which they wear whilst they herd their goats and sheep. Landing in clouds of dust we found the small Manyatta and here we were invited into their small huts made of sticks, grass matting and pieces of fabric.

We were welcomed with bowls of fresh camels milk that we had to drink and nearby goats were giving birth and children running and playing. A peak into the lives of those so far removed from our own existence.

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