Claire Jones

Claire Jones was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1966; her father was a professional hunter running hunting safaris until the ban in 1977 and thereafter-photographic safaris. This upbringing & experience focused Claire’s mind and in 1997 when returning to Kenya with her family, her love of the country drove her to learn to fly as a means of seeing more. In 2004 Claire qualified in the United States with a full commercial rating and following conversion in Kenya has been working as a pilot operating her own Flying Safaris within Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Her experience of visiting all corners of East Africa and in particular the bush strips, camps & lodges of Kenya has given Claire a unique guiding knowledge and expertise in handling all situations in the bush. Her passionate love of wildlife and birds and the ability to share this with others is what continues to drive her.

Our mission at Clairessafaris

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