Magical Safaris

Privately guided, magical safaris exploring the least changed areas of the African continent, bringing fulfillment and enrichment to the lives of people who are looking for something just a little different on their journeys to Africa. 


Claire’s ability to bring people together and design a Safari that focus’s on Freedom, Wildlife, Tribes and Cultures of the amazing places and hidden delights that she wants to share with her guests. So much of the joy of life is in sharing experiences with others.

The adventure of the unknown and the spontaneity that a Safari can provide will leave memories that shall last forever. Sometimes the simplest arrangements provide the deepest of pleasures. A bed under the stars; a picnic in a desert; tea on the edge of a volcanic crater, a seat on a rock in a far away land; Claire will make this happen for you.

Claire will arrange an experience tailored to meet your own personal needs whether it is walking in the bush, riding a camel, flying in a plane or a helicopter whilst at the same time immersing yourself into the wilderness and learning all about the peoples and their surroundings and how these tribes interact with nature and wildlife.

Popular Destinations

Helicopter Safaris

Aboard a helicopter, the sky is the limit to where you can go and what you can experience.

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