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Flying Safaris

Claire is a qualified commercial pilot based out of Laikipia where she keeps her Cessna 182. From here she flies all over the country, including Uganda and Tanzania, on private charters and flying Safaris.

There are schedule flying services to most of the destinations in Kenya, & Claire’s Safaris can arrange these, however there are many other places that are only accessible by private charter. Often with a large group of people coming to Kenya on Safari, it may be cheaper and logistically easier to charter a private aircraft. It is certainly very much more fun.

One of the main reasons for Claire learning to fly was the sheer pleasure that she gained from being in a plane and seeing so clearly the vast and magnificent beauty of Kenya & East Africa. It is quite a different perspective from the air and being able to see the Great Rift Valley spread out before you stirs up all sorts of emotions.

From the air you can see all the Lakes of the rift valley, from Lake Turkana in the North to Lake Natron in the South, the flamingoes, the mountains, the hills and the grasslands teaming with game, quite simply the grandness of nature.

Where groups are larger than she can take in her plane (4 seats) Claire will sub charter to local charter companies where often the pilots are personal friends.

Guided Flying Safaris provide a unique and personal experience. Claire and her clients can fly at a moments notice or linger longer if a few more hours are needed not to rush breakfast. A luxury that means one is not restricted by scheduled times of arrivals and departures. With bush strips dotted all over the country, flying is very much a part of life in Kenya. The sense of freedom that it gives is unparalleled.

This is not to say that that Claire's safaris are restricted to flying only. Indeed some people with more time to travel prefer to see the country by road and she can also arrange this using 4x4 Safari vehicles.

Clare's Safaris' Cessna aircraft
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